Friday, August 23, 2013

You hear Me. Do not discount what I say. You must dwell on things above and not upon the worries of the day. I Am Sovereign and I direct all things. Walk in My Spirit and rest in Me. I will never let you be moved. I strengthen you with My mighty right hand. I hold you gently as a Father holding his baby. I Am moving and ordering this day and the days to come. Expect My best for your life. I will do exceedingly, abundantly above what you ask. You must believe. Nothing is too difficult for Me. I am never shaken. Stand steadfast in My strength and not in your own. You do not have to perform. Just trust in My goodness. All of My promises are coming to pass without fail. You are covered in the shadow of My wings. Remain in that Secret Place and learn My heart. Dive deeply into the things that I have for you. My Word is your Sword and Shield. Pray without ceasing and praise with all of your heart. Show My love. Pour out kindness and then rest. Let Me do the rest.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

He Who Began a Good Work in You

My love for you is written in red. There is no good thing that I would withhold from you. You are My Beloved in whom I take great delight. I began a good work in you and will not cease until it is completed. I will never leave you helpless. I Am your Supply, Your Joy, the One who leads you beside still, restful waters into your promised land of blessing. Even now, it is breaking forth in your life bringing you to a higher, deeper level in Me. Jump into the water of My Spirit and let me take you to places you have never been. I will give revelation like you have never seen. The treasures that I hold for you are beyond your human grasp. My Spirit reveals hidden treasures. I come to you, even now, to touch you deeply and make you complete and whole in Me. Receive all that I have for you. It has been waiting with your name on it from the foundation of time. I Am the Father that holds you and heals you. Move in My flowing. Let is all go, My Child. You are mine and I will bring you through and will help you walk in all that I have prepared for you. I will not fail you. I have never failed you, little one. I Am our Ever Faithful, Mountain Moving Father. You have seen, have beheld Me make the impossible, possible time and again. I have decreed it. Nothing can turn back My hand. I will fulfill a good work in your life. I AM your Father - I do not fail. All things are possible to him that believes. Walk here with Me, take My hand. Trust me with your whole heart. You will burst forth from this season of trials and storms. The strength that I have developed in you will sustain you. Watch and see what I will do for you. I have worked it all out. I come, even now, to meet with you, to hold you, to assure you that I AM the God of the impossible Who is more than enough. Let me amaze you. I AM developing in you something lasting, that cannot be shaken or taken away. You have a new steadfastness through my anointing, through My Spirit. Only believe. Only receive all that I impart to you, now! Breathe in Me, all of Me. I Am pouring My all encompassing love upon you. I sing love songs over you. I led you to this place to sit before Me and learn of Me. Rest now, My Child. It is time for you to have ease from life's demands. Rest in Me. See if I will not do it all, if I will not do a new thing. Surrender, I dare you to give it all to Me. I've got this, My Precious One. You are held, now and for all eternity. My covenant with you is eternal. Behold My faithfulness, Rest! Rest now and see why I will do for you as my joy breaks forth.

Friday, March 23, 2012


Today is the day of breakthrough for you. There is a release in the pressure of circumstances for you at this time. Walk through the door; draw near to My side and see what I will do for you. The Enemy of your soul has tried to destroy you, but you rendered Him powerless when you placed all of your trust in me for the outcome. Total peace came as you rested in My will for you. I Am going to amaze you in the days ahead with My plans for you. I Am the One who holds your heart, Who sees all that is to come. I Am the One providing peace, strength and power for your days. Only through the trials and testing is your faith able to grow to these depths. It was all necessary to give you the unshakeable, mountain-moving faith that you asked for me to give to you. This is just the start of the new season, as I shine My light forth in your life.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Steady My Heart

Steady my heart, Father God.  Give me a steadfast heart that seeks You only.  You lead me by the calm, gentle, restful waters imparting peace and strength to my soul.  You restore my soul to Your blueprint design; the way it was intended to be before life and struggles happened.  You are the Lover of My Soul and the Healer of the broken.  Your Word and Your finished work upon the cross provides all of the strength and power that I need to live victoriously.  I thank You that I am engraved upon the palm of Your hand – ever abiding, and ever kept in You.  Draw me closer still into that secret place of the Most High where I can sit at Your feet and bask in Your Presence unceasingly. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Only Believe

You are filled overflowing with My Overcoming Spirit. My love pours over you and touches deep within.  You are courageous and strong because of My Power at work in your life.  You have a future filled with hope and success because I planned it that way.  You are captured by My Heart and held in the center of My will.  No one and nothing can take you from this place.  The promises that I purchased for you upon the cross are manifesting right before your eyes. No doubt, these promises are being fulfilled. Only BELIEVE.  I Am able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that you imagine or ask.  I Am not limited in any way. I Am your Daddy God, the Strength Giver.  Absolutely nothing is too difficult for me.  Rest now in the perfection of My plan.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Breakthrough Now

Today begins your breakthrough, the relief that you have been longing for and praying for.  I have heard your cries and will give you the desires of your heart. I am more than able and more than enough for anything that you face.  Your destiny and future will be realized as nothing can hold back what heaven has ordained.  Receive My light and hope. You will begin to walk in faith more than ever.  Stand in the Power of My might and walk in love by My Spirit.  There is an acceleration of time and all things will be brought into order. Trust Me, My Child. I love you and long to give you good things. You are my Beloved, My Precious One. I uphold you and give you the power to soar on wings of eagles.  Hold fast, I'm here and working on your behalf. Surely you will see my goodness, mercy, favor and blessings upon your life.  Do not look at what is going on in the world, only keep your eyes on me and do all that I instruct you to do.  I love you with an everlasting love that is stronger than any force in existence.  I am showering you with My love and peace even now. 

My child, you must listen to me for your own good. The world will whisper lies and seek to deceive you. The enemy seeks to steal your joy and kill your spirit. It is impossible for Him to kill your spirit as it belongs to me. Still, he seeks to steal the Abundance of Life which I purchased for you.   Tune your ears only to my Words and my Whispers. Discern my Words, the Truth, from the cunning manipulation of the enemy. I bring life and health which the world can sap out of you. I Am your strength and your Sustaining Power. Rely only upon Me for your very breath.   I Am your Hope.  I hold everything that you need for life and godliness. My Righteousness is enough for you. Do not be held down by the legalism that the world tries to impose upon you. You follow My Decrees and not the world's standards.   Again, tune your ears to hear only my voice. Abide with Me and learn of Me. I bring you healing and restoration following this deliverance.   You walk in a new way now.  As my child, you are royalty and are to reign with me.  Stop looking back as there is nothing there for you. Focus upon My Face and My Voice. I Am all that you need. Trust. Believe. Live. Now is the time. Live. Run for the goal with sure steps of a soldier who has gotten back up to fight again .   I am pouring out my Blessings, Power and Anointing.  Live in the Fullness of Life that I have provided for you. Now is the time.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Camp by the Restful Waters

I Am the One that heals you. I Am the One that has brought you out of bondage into truth and freedom.  Camp there by the still, restful waters. Wait there for Me to move.  I will refresh you as you wait.  You are whole and complete, hidden in Me, Child of the King.

Gen 45:10
1 Kings 17:4
Ex 15:26
John 8:32