Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Stand In Victory

Do you feel the warmth of My light shining upon you? I sing over you with love and joy, My Precious Child. If you could only see what I have placed within you, the beauty of it radiating out. My rivers of living waters flow life from the depths of our unity. You reflect My Light and My Life. My righteousness shines brightly through you. You are My Treasure, Dear One. Hide yourself in My heart and be still. Feel the peace and joy here in Your Shelter as I restore your soul. Have no fear of evil, for I Am your Shield. You are My Beloved Bride and it is time for you to rise up and walk in the authority and grace that I have given you. I pour the oil of My Presence over you, from the top of your head to the soles of your feet. It is a life-giving oil. It touches outside and deeply within. My love has already been provided for you, and My joy is made full in you. Come, come now and sit at My feet. Listen now to My quiet voice speaking life to all of your situations. I Am more than able to give you all that you need in any area. I Am Your Provider and the Lover of Your Soul. Trust Me now, as much as you love Me. Trust Me and see if I will not prove Myself to you once again. See if I will not pour Myself out on your behalf. You are the apple of My eye. Your name is engraved upon My hand. I welcome you time after time into the depths of My heart to come in and see the depths of My love for you. Come here and rest. You have your Father’s eyes, and your father’s heart. My DNA shows up strong in you. You have the heart of a humble warrior. You fight in prayer, and with the sword of the Word. You stand strong upon the rock and close to the Father’s heart. Stand firm in the power and victory that I purchased for you with My Blood. The pressure and fog that you have been feeling will break forth into freedom and deliverance. Remain in hope and My strength. Step into My Presence into the light of My glory. Rise to a new level in Me where you see visions of a new dimension. In My Presence let My thoughts become your thoughts. I roar over you, Beloved, with love. My promises of deliverance, provision and protection hold true. I Am moving you to victory over the past. I am releasing you into this new season in freedom. You will walk besides the still waters and dwell in My best for you. Rest in Me, as your trust deepens. Sing out your praises and decree My words, as I set the captives free. Usher others into My Courts where you have been. Lead them forth in My Spirit into freedom and into My best for them. Here in My heart, Beloved One, find grace, find love, and healing. hidden in Me, find all that you need for this day. You have known My Name and I will honor your faith and love towards others. I have hidden treasures and revelation to impart to you. Your praise is a sweet fragrance to Me. I Am calling forth the gold that I have buried deep within you. Because you have known My Name. and honored Me, I set my love upon you and draw you out of the deep waters. Practice the language of heaven with love, kindness, thanksgiving, peace, and joy in the face of difficult circumstances. Do not return evil for evil. My Face shines upon you as I pour forth new wine, new oil of My Presence. The pain of the past season gives way to joy and release. You have been squeezed, and the pressure now brings forth breakthrough. All that is inside of you pours out as faith, revealing all that has been unseen. The new wine of My Spirit pours over you as fulfillment of promises, completion of one season and the opening of a new one. Such love and depth no one has ever known. You are My vessel, chosen as a mighty warrior to ride into every battle in victory. Long ago, I removed your heart of stone and replaces it with a tender one that beats for My purposes. You are My Beloved, walking in obedience and victory. I placed My River of Living Water within you to pour life to others. You have been molded and made with My hands and for My purposes. You are bursting forth in this new season, seeing and hearing in deeper ways. Sing out My Words, the ones that I have written and the ones that I have placed in your tender heart. Sing your way to breakthrough. Trust Me now, as deeply as you love Me. I have given you love, power and a sound mind to walk through and ride through these trials. The mountains that you see will move with little effort when you only believe every Word from Me. © Mitzi Busby 2018 No eye has seen, no ear has heard, nor mind conceived what I have in store ahead for you. I will do exceedingly, abundantly more than you can imagine. It is the opening of a new release, a new season, never before seen. Every valley shall be filled in, every mountain will be made low, the crooked way will be made straight and the rough places will be made smooth. Luke 3:5

Friday, September 16, 2016

Hold fast to all that I have taught you. Stand firm! When pressure is applied by outside forces, what is at the heart of the matter comes forth. The true nature is being revealed. As my cleansing is taking place, truth is brought forth. I will cover you with My Peace in these desperate times. I have told you that NOTHING can take You from the palm of My hand. Yes, There is a mighty shaking going on. The Whole earth is groaning and crying out. Trust ME, My children. I AM in control. I only want the best for you. Surely you feel my sadness and tears for My people. A new day will dawn. A new Season will break forth with newness of life. See, My people are calling out. I Am rebuilding broken lives upon a New Foundation. THIS is My appointed time for you. Be Alert! Be Watchful! Rouse yourselves from your complacency and sleep. IT IS TIME for rebuilding and restoration. Old things will pass away. My Word stands forever. Amen. Rev 18:14 Psalm 46

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

On Earth as it is in Heaven

The wind and the rain still know MY Name. The earth is groaning forth My praises as I am bringing heaven to earth. My presence and glory are flooding the earth. Step into the flow and be swept away by My Presence. Even now, believe, for your faith is rising to the level of mountain moving, healing power. It is not in your own strength or power, but in My Resurrection Power that raised Christ from the grave. This power is bursting forth before you. Tell your senses to recognize the impossible being performed through Me. Victory is assured as the Enemy has no power against you. You have persevered and stood fast. My will for your life cannot be stopped. You and yours are covered and kept. Know that you know that you know that I Am on the throne of your life and it is not about you, but about all that I will accomplish. My blessings and favor are upon you as all that has been held back is being released. The promises are being laid at your feet to see and take hold of. The journey is bringing forth all that I wanted to accomplish. Don’t stop now as victory is assured. My banner over you is love so that all will see My great love. Keep your eyes on Me and don’t look at what goes on around you. You are held in My Presence, and you are kept in the eye of the storm. I AM faithful, and your security lies in Me. Rest in Me and see me bring it all to pass.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Letter from the Father “I Am your shield, my child. I cover you. I have loved you with an everlasting love. I rejoice when you rejoice and I note every tear. Have I ever failed you? I Am the God that heals you, rest in me. Be still and cease this running in circles. You are getting nowhere with this striving. You have known me since you were a child. I have been guiding you since the foundation of time. I Am Truth. I will reveal these hidden things to you. I will rebuild these walls. There is protection and security in these walls. There is a place to draw near for worship. I hear your praises that rise up as sweet incense. I too, hear your deep cries. The darkness will pass. Keep your eyes upon me. You will remember these trials, but only as a place where you learned of me. ‘ I love you, oh, how I love you.’ I hear those words from you, my child. I Am whispering a gentle stillness for you. Again I say, Peace, be still. I have the power to calm this violently raging storm. I also choose to calm you. Be still. Cease striving. You do not have to ‘fix it.’ I Am in control. I look down from my throne tenderly upon the cries of my children. You are mine, you have been bought with a price. I will carry you when life is too much to handle. Through it all, I Am holding you with my strong right hand. See, the winds are buffered. The rains have little effect except for their purpose to nurture growth and nourish life. Though the world around you shakes, you are held in the Rock of Ages. I have placed you in the cleft of the Rock and covered you with my mighty right hand. I Am the calm in the storm. I Am the One who gently rocks you in my love. Receive of me, my love, healing and steadfast love. I will ever remind you of my love. You are not pressed beyond what you can bear. Allow the buffing process upon my wheel as I Am creating this vessel. You have come through the fire and are being smoothed, polished, to reflect My glory. When others look at you, I want them to see Me. You must trust my love for you. You know that nothing happens lest I allow it for my purposes. I will keep you in perfect peace. Even though you cannot fathom the depths of my love, one day you will understand it fully. I Am showering you with my love. I will refresh you and keep you.” With All of My Love, Your Father c 2005 Mitzi Smith Busby

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hold On The floodgates are opening up, and the flow is getting stronger. Do not let go of hope as I will never let go of you. I am faithful and I fail not. I am ever here for you, listening and moving for you. If you could only see with eyes of faith the harmful things that I hold back on your behalf. Likewise, look and see the blessings--spiritual and natural--that are beginning to be released. Grab a hold of all that I have already provided for you. It won't be long, so don't lose hope. Hold on as I am holding you, and loving you. Be still and see what I will do for you. I am holy and good. I will come through for you.
Healing Waters Healing waters flow right now. They are flowing down into every crevice and broken place. They fill you with My breath, My life, My light, and My peace. You will find the stillness, the restfulness that you long for in Me. I am the victory. I am the living water that is touching you deeply and making you new and whole. Rest in Me. Let Me restore your soul. Let Me restore all of the lost years, lost dreams, lost hope. My hope is eternal, and it is now. You may feel like I have you by the tips of your fingers, but I have you held secure in Me. Do not be alarmed by all that spins out of control around you, for I am keeping all things that concern you. I hold you steady and secure; you are secure in Me. You have the mind of Christ and the fullness of My Spirit. You have all the power you need to walk in My victory, wholeness and joy. Feel My power rising within you now, and bringing newness of life.
Ignite your faith, for you will have total victory today. I Am the One who goes before you. I encircle behind you. No one can touch My Beloved. Remember My Faithfulness. I will not fail you – no never. I Am your shield and fortress, your strength in time of need. I Am still the God of more than enough. I will move for you as you keep your eyes set upon Me. Expect much of Me and see what I will do. Nothing is too difficult for Me. I love you with an everlasting love and I will fulfill all of My plans for you.